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A workplace should not be discriminatory. It should not be hostile. These sorts of environments chip away at the self-confidence of employees and prevent individuals from taking pride in their work. These sorts of environments can also create additional stress, causing individuals to lose sleep or develop other stress-related health disorders. Furthermore, individuals undergoing harassment or discrimination at work can see their personal lives suffer, bringing tension into their homes and straining relationships with friends and family.

When these situations arise, our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve, such as lost wages, compensation for emotional harm, or future wages that you would have earned if you had been treated fairly.

We focus on fighting for the rights of employees. Our firm handles wage and hour disputes under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), discrimination and harassment matters, civil rights complaints, Family and Medical Leave Act issues, wrongful termination complaints, and matters in front of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In short, we handle almost every sort of claim involving employee rights.

Within the Washington, D.C. metro area, it is critical to understand the various interactions between the federal government, state governments, and private businesses. Our firm understands those interactions and we can help you navigate your claim through the labyrinth of business relationships, whether you are a federal employee or a contractor, subcontractor, or private employee.

Our practice is not limited to litigation. Our attorneys handle contract negotiations, mediations, severance agreements, and any number of other issues. We understand that you are probably not an experienced negotiator. We are. We understand both the business concerns and the legal issues associated with resolving matters, whether inside court or in a meeting room.

Wage Theft

Failing to pay employees their due and failing to respect them as individuals is unfortunately common. That is why we litigate, negotiate, and mediate cases. Employers are owed a profit if their business is doing well, but they cannot earn that profit by stealing their employees’ wages.

Our lawyers have represented clients who earned less than minimum wage for their labor. We have represented clients who have not been paid their justly earned overtime.

That is what we call Wage Theft.

If your company believes that, in exchange for your salary, you are required to work as many hours as the company wants per week, your company is stealing from you.

If you work for a private company and your company is giving you “Comp Time” rather than overtime, your company is probably stealing from you.

If you work long hours for the government, but you do not earn overtime because you are classified as “exempt”… the government might be stealing from you.

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