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The Erlich Law Office is dedicated to offering aggressive, effective legal advice. Our primary focus is employment and civil rights litigation, but we also handle a variety of other litigation and transactional matters.

If you are interested in hiring us, the best way to start is by sending us the important information about your case. This information will be held in confidence.

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We screen our cases carefully and take only a select number to ensure we can provide quality services to our clients. Please understand this decision is based upon a number of factors, and a decision not to accept your case is not a determination on the merits of your case, including whether your case will be successful.

Employment Law for Employees

We provide experienced, aggressive representation for employees who have experienced unfair, inappropriate, or discriminatory conduct or harassment in their workplaces. We help individuals negotiate severance packages, navigate non-competition clauses, and collect unpaid overtime wages. We regularly litigate matters under the Americans with Disability Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and other laws designed to protect employees. When you fill out our questionnaire, please let us know if you have an employment contract, a stock agreement, or any other document that is relevant to your employment.

It is vital to have an experienced attorney at your side when navigating the maze of laws that govern the workplace. The Erlich Law Office has extensive experience litigating cases in both the public and private sector, including cases against the federal government. Please fill out the form if you are an employee or former-employee in need of our assistance.

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Employment Law for Employers

The Erlich Law Office prides itself on working with responsible employers. We assist employers with compliance issues, defend employers against frivolous claims, and conduct workplace investigations to address ongoing concerns. We represent employers in non-competition and non-solicitation matters, as well as matters involving the theft of intellectual property.

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Civil Rights Law

The Erlich Law Office proudly represents individuals who have suffered injustice at the hands of law enforcement officers and other state actors. We file lawsuits against those state actors and the individuals who encourage their actions.

We pursue claims under the Constitution of the United States. These include police misconduct cases involving wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution, and the use of excessive force, often including the use of a TASER or other weapon.

Civil rights claims may also include violations of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech and the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee to due process.

It is vital to have an experienced attorney at your side when addressing constitutional issues. Please fill the form if you believe your civil rights have been violated and need our assistance.

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Civil Litigation

We provide experienced and aggressive representation in litigation. Regardless of how you have become involved in a legal matter, whether you filed a lawsuit or you have been sued, you are at an extraordinary disadvantage if you proceed without an attorney.

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